Hello, my name Brian and I am a Creative based in Denver Colorado. I have a passion for capturing and expressing moments through photo and video. I graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor in Graphic Design and an Independent Study in Photography. Since then I have freelanced in my home state of Iowa as well as my new home in Denver. 

Music has always been a big part of my life and working in the music industry is a passion of mine. In 2021 my journey began working on the Global Dance Media team. Since then I have shot all types of events, from small hole in the wall venues to massive music festivals such as Ultra, Electric Forest, Global Dance Festival, Supernatural, and Decadence NYE. In 2022 I joined the media team for Temple Nightclub, one of the best clubs in Colorado. 

Aside from the music industry I also offer photo services for portraits, engagements, weddings, branding and marketing, and anything in between. I would love to work with you, any questions you have please contact me in the form below!


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